Monday, April 6, 2015

The Easter Bunny came in more ways that one!

The Easter Bunny came!!!!

We were caught out this morning with day light savings! I thought it was after Easter but no its today. An extra hour of sleep would have been nice but we all know that's non existent with rug rats! So up early, Easter hunt with a VERY happy lil man who looked super cute running around the yard with bunny ears on. Its been chocolate sneaking all day!

In the middle of all this Amee had sent a message telling me she was onto pathology who had not yet faxed anything to Melb. She's so onto it all! :)

So 'The Blob' (we have to come up with a better name than that!) is doing well and Amee's HCG is 215! With Hamish the bloods were taken a day earlier and they were 160 so we are doing great! I'm glad I kept records from our previous tries.. stops me being a Google addict! IVF will call on Tuesday for the next steps which they said would be the 7 week ultrasound around the 20th April. I'm sure three will be bloods to see the doubling as well. AWSOMEEEE!!!!!!!

Hamish and I booked Bali with the Meredith crew today after we had a bit of an idea about where we needed to be. Looking forward to it!


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