Tuesday, April 21, 2015

6.6 Weeks

Well there it is, little 'Blob' flickering away oblivious to the stress that's going on around it. They managed to fit Amee in this morning for an urgent scan and there is a heartbeat of 123bpm which is normal for this age. That's fantastic news!!!!!
But as nothing is ever easy and there was an issue. There is blood showing on the outside somewhere so we have to wait and see what Dr Toledo says. The sonographer was not worried, said it was common but said she was not a Dr.
So back on Dr Google I go to see that these things are called 'subchorionic haemorrhage or hematoma'. Its quite common at this time and for the most there are no issues. The body usually absorbs it. They say in most cases the haemorrhage heals without intervention within a few weeks and the pregnancy continues normally. The only issue seems to be if it's too close to the placenta and it can take the baby with it.. so Kylie WAIT FOR THE DR TO GIVE HER VERDICT!
 For now Blob is happy and growing in it's little Wenchy Environment.

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