Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bloods in Darwin on a long weekend?

Are you kidding me?

Well apparently they do take them! Wonders never cease :)

Amee and her 'blood buddy 'Abbey went to the pathology recommended by Melb IVF at 7.30am. Was there anyone there on the Saturday.. I could lie and say yes but NO! So they went to another one and got it done :) Another one in Darwin?? Over Easter?? lol

Rushing is not something they do in the Territory so by 3.30pm our time IVF called to say they were not yet in. As if we didn't know that would happen :)

On a funny note Amee went for a bike ride with the kids on Friday and almost threw up. She had to stop and take her helmet off in full pubic view. :) heheheh That's a great sign and I know I shouldn't be laughing but I so can! :)

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