Monday, May 11, 2015

Back in Darwin - 9 week scan, 9.5 actually :)

So we changed flights to head back to Darwin so we could be with Amee at the next scan. Dr Toledo just wants to see if the blood is going and under control. The good news is it is. Its shrunk to about a quarter of the original size and Amee has had no more bleeding which is fantastic!

Blob is measuring at 9.5weeks which matched Amee's cycle and a heat beat of 168bpm! Amee is convinced Blob is a girl! Hamish keeps saying the baby inside Aunty Amee's tummy is a 'Sister'.. we shall see in a few weeks when we do the new tests... EDD 9th December 2015!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

6.6 Weeks

Well there it is, little 'Blob' flickering away oblivious to the stress that's going on around it. They managed to fit Amee in this morning for an urgent scan and there is a heartbeat of 123bpm which is normal for this age. That's fantastic news!!!!!
But as nothing is ever easy and there was an issue. There is blood showing on the outside somewhere so we have to wait and see what Dr Toledo says. The sonographer was not worried, said it was common but said she was not a Dr.
So back on Dr Google I go to see that these things are called 'subchorionic haemorrhage or hematoma'. Its quite common at this time and for the most there are no issues. The body usually absorbs it. They say in most cases the haemorrhage heals without intervention within a few weeks and the pregnancy continues normally. The only issue seems to be if it's too close to the placenta and it can take the baby with it.. so Kylie WAIT FOR THE DR TO GIVE HER VERDICT!
 For now Blob is happy and growing in it's little Wenchy Environment.

Another blip

Amee texts me this morning that she did some exercise and there is now more blood :( It can happen but..

Are we worried?
Could it be the same as last time?
Should we get an early scan?

Waiting on Dr Toledo to get back to us to confirm when. I've also asked if I can't be there can I be on the phone when the scan is on? I just don't want her to be alone or have to deliver bad news.

Come on little Blob.. one day at a time. The weather is nice in there isn't it? :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Breathing again

So the last 36 hours has been a little scary. Amee called Tuesday night to say she was bleeding. What she eventually told me was that it had started Monday, brownish and was now red. She had already been to see a Dr and had a scan! Grrrrrrrrr

So we all obviously hit the panic button. Bleeding is bad right? It has been for me. The first sign of blood meant it was all over but I knew it was common for 100's of reasons and it might be ok. Amee was a mess. She wants this so badly for us.

So I packed a bag and looked at flights.. I just felt like I should go up there to be with her. We had a Grad Ceremony at Geelong yesterday so Adrian could take me to the airport for the night flight. SO we were ready to go if things got bad.

The worst thing is no one can do anything. What will be will be and it's a waiting game. So Amee finally called Melb IVF yesterday when the local Dr did nothing for her. He would not give any results and didn't seem to be concerned about her concerns. So she got onto Sarah and she rushed through bloods, talked to Dr Toledo and asked for a scan. Amee had already done one so the results were sent to them.

Yesterday afternoon Sarah called to say the Dr was not concerned with her HCG levels of 8,600 on Monday which matched the scan which were perfect for the times, plus given the small amount of blood it should be fine. BUT we had to wait to this morning for the bloods to come back. Darwin time....

So this morning I felt sick, we waitied, we called and had to wait some more. Bloods are 13,000... Yay... double yay... tracking fine :) Blob is ok and growing well. Thankfully we can breath again and Amee can get some much needed sleep after the panic.

Next step is Friday week when we get to see if everything is tracking and there is a heartbeat. So come on little Blob.. little Muppet.. GROW, GROW, GROW!!!

Amee entitled this email to me 'Here 'she' is!'.. I wonder...

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Easter Bunny came in more ways that one!

The Easter Bunny came!!!!

We were caught out this morning with day light savings! I thought it was after Easter but no its today. An extra hour of sleep would have been nice but we all know that's non existent with rug rats! So up early, Easter hunt with a VERY happy lil man who looked super cute running around the yard with bunny ears on. Its been chocolate sneaking all day!

In the middle of all this Amee had sent a message telling me she was onto pathology who had not yet faxed anything to Melb. She's so onto it all! :)

So 'The Blob' (we have to come up with a better name than that!) is doing well and Amee's HCG is 215! With Hamish the bloods were taken a day earlier and they were 160 so we are doing great! I'm glad I kept records from our previous tries.. stops me being a Google addict! IVF will call on Tuesday for the next steps which they said would be the 7 week ultrasound around the 20th April. I'm sure three will be bloods to see the doubling as well. AWSOMEEEE!!!!!!!

Hamish and I booked Bali with the Meredith crew today after we had a bit of an idea about where we needed to be. Looking forward to it!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bloods in Darwin on a long weekend?

Are you kidding me?

Well apparently they do take them! Wonders never cease :)

Amee and her 'blood buddy 'Abbey went to the pathology recommended by Melb IVF at 7.30am. Was there anyone there on the Saturday.. I could lie and say yes but NO! So they went to another one and got it done :) Another one in Darwin?? Over Easter?? lol

Rushing is not something they do in the Territory so by 3.30pm our time IVF called to say they were not yet in. As if we didn't know that would happen :)

On a funny note Amee went for a bike ride with the kids on Friday and almost threw up. She had to stop and take her helmet off in full pubic view. :) heheheh That's a great sign and I know I shouldn't be laughing but I so can! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In a bit of shock!

Just as I was getting Hamish up my phone tinged...  April Fools? I'd kill her! :)

Actually I didn't think about it but Adrian thought it might have been a joke.. BUT it's a POSITIVE!! Wow oh wow!!!!! Adrian is in Sydney so I had to send him the pics :) In Shock!!

I face timed Amee and she held it up.. I think we all in shock! It worked.. it worked.. wow.. it was too easy to work! The 30 seconds (if that) to get it there and now this.

Bloods on Saturday to see the levels. Crossing everything this 'Little Blob' is a strong little muppet!