Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This wait really sucks

We have been here unfortunately many times before but Amee hasn't. She just had sex and fell pregnant!

I know she wants this badly for us and for her and her connection with Brett. But peeing on a stick on day 1 will not help our anxiety! :) She's peeing every day and I love her for it but it's doing both our heads in. Nothing either of us can do will help this process but it's hard to remain stress free. So Wench... Breath!

Of course I started the usual google searches... CRAP as usual. Every level, every outcome..so I stopped for once!! Nothing can change this so doing searching for answers that wont be there is only putting more stress on me (as she doesn't know I'm doing it :))

I just keep hearing that Dr's words and wondering if all this is just a money making decision? They have the choice to do it right but don't because statists say one in 3 will work? They make extra each cycle... but for us its not about the money. Of course that counts but it's the fact that I probably wont get any more eggs if we had to do this all again plus the fact that we are getting older and if we had to do another round and wait another 6 months for quarantine.. it would be 12 months before another try. That's almost 2 years away from another baby. Hamish would be almost 5, we would be 44 and 46.

I struggle with age, we both do. Should we bring a child into the world and be older parents? We have so much love to give.. and no age limit should apply but its hard. I just wish we had met years before and we would have teenagers right now.

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