Thursday, March 26, 2015

1st Transfer - now the 2WW

Well it all seemed to go seamlessly. Embryo happily defrosted...YAY!, successfully transferred double YAY...

Raftery Embie
Until the Dr said 'Don't be too disappointed if the first try doesn't work out'.. WTF?? How are you supposed to digest that! Amee has just had the transfer and was getting off the bed when she said it. Seriously some people need to think before they speak. We are not stupid.. we know the stats, we know them all too well! Grrrrrrr

Anyway off we went for some lunch which was meant to be Thai but ended up being Pizza and a movie 'Focus'. Amee didn't want to pee all day in case the embie fell out. God love her.. it wont and cant if you pee! :) Now we begin the 2ww.  Her period is due next Wed so it won't be that long to find out but I know she will be POAS every day! :)

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