Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Call from the nurse

Heidi called to see how we were both doing. She laughed when I told her Amee was POAS every day and she said she told her there would be nothing right now! Phew...She said if it was successful there might be something by Thursday or Friday but the levels are really low. Lets hope she's right. I just cant get away from this niggling feeling that it hasn't worked. OOMC - Out Of My Control is my new acronym. My mind is preparing for something that's is OOMC, my heart is aching hoping this is it.

So Saturday is the first day of bloods. Saturday afternoon we will know either way. Come on 'Little Blob' as Amee has affectionately called it.. COME ON!

Adrian has gone to Sydney for work and helping his mum.. he'll be back on Sat night.

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